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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: After Darkness (Part 3) "After Darkness" Part 3
Star Trek #23
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Robert Orci
Artists: Erfan Fajar and Agri Karuniawan
Cover by: Tim Bradstreet
July 2013


With the planet Vulcan destroyed, is there a cure for the madness for pon farr?


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Didja Notice?


On page 1, the savage, bare-chested Vulcan men are depicted with nipples. On all subsequent pages of this issue they are sans nipples!


On page 8, Scotty is unsure about Kirk's plan to beam 25 angry Vulcans onto the Enterprise, seeing as how he's already seen what one angry Vulcan can do the first time he ever beamed aboard the ship. He is referencing Spock's anger over the loss of his homeworld and mother after being goaded by Kirk in "The Vengeance of Nero".


McCoy says, "I'm a doctor, not a xeno-geophysicist."


Dr. McCoy remarks that Chekov and Marcus' transporter idea to cure the Vulcans of their madness is no crazier than bringing somebody back to life using the augmented blood of a homicidal maniac. This is a reference to the transfusion of Khan's blood Kirk received to bring him back to life near the end of Into Darkness.


Uhura remarks that Spock had never lost a game of chess until the day she beat him. She thinks that's when he fell in love with her.


On page 18, Chekov says, "Ne v etot raz..." This is Russian for, "Not this time..."


On page 20, panel 2, it appears to be Kirk speaking to T'Pring, but the words are clearly intended to be from Spock.


On page 21 we see star maps of the Klingon and Romulan empires, with portions of the United Federation of Planets visible. Most of the labels on the maps are too blurred to read. But, on the Romulan map, within the Federation portion of space, the Taugan Sector can be seen. The Taugan system (in Sector 2158) was mentioned in the ST-TNG episode, "Gambit" Part 2 as a system of planets near the Romulan Neutral Zone that was raided by mercenaries for ancient Vulcan artifacts.


The emblem of the Romulan Star Empire depicted on the star map is the one used by them circa 2379 in the original timeline, but one or more different ones were used before then and the year of our current story is only 2259.
Romulan Star Empire Romulan emblem 2368 Romulan emblem 2379
Star map of 2259 from this issue Romulan emblem 2368 Romulan emblem 2379


On page 21, the Section 31 member reports that the Klingon fleet is en route to Orion and the Romulan fleet is en route to rendezvous with Section 31 near Khitomer. Orion men and women have appeared in several stories in the Star Trek universe. Khitomer was depicted as a world near the Romulan border which both the Federation and the Klingon Empire considered neutral and was used as a site for peace negotiations in the original timeline in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and episodes of the various Next Generation era TV series.


Unanswered Questions


What happened to Stonn, the man whom T'Pring preferred as her mate over Spock in the original timeline in the episode "Amok Time"? He is not seen or mentioned. Did T'Pring not meet or fall in love with him in the new timeline? Or is it simply that Stonn was on Vulcan when it was destroyed in "The Vengeance of Nero"?


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