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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Countdown to Darkness" Part 4
Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 (IDW)
Story: Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson
Script: Mike Johnson
Artist: David Messina
Cover by David Messina


April takes control of the Enterprise with the intention of handing it over to the Klingons.


Notes from the Star Trek Chronology


The 4-part Countdown to Darkness mini-series leads into the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness.


Didja Notice?


A previously unknown class of Klingon ship is introduced in this issue. It's possible this ship was partially designed by the Klingons from back-engineered technology from the Narada while it was in their custody in "Never Bet Against the Romulan". A nearly identical, but smaller, version of this ship is seen in Into Darkness, where it is identified as a D4 class vessel. Some toys and models based on it have referred to it as a Klingon Bird of Prey.


This issue re-introduces Commander Kor to the new timeline ST universe. He first appeared in "Second Chance" in this timeline, capturing Nero's ship, the Narada. In that issue, he had the "pure" Klingon form, not effected by the augment virus that was released upon the Klingon Empire according to the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Divergence". In our current story, he is wearing a battle helmet, hiding his face. Might the helmets be meant to hide the effects of the augment virus?


On page 18, Kirk tells Spock he's keeping Ms. Mudd's ship aboard the Enterprise, saying it might come in handy. Will it be used in Star Trek Into Darkness?


At the end of this issue, Admiral Pike is seated in a regular chair behind his desk, not in a wheelchair as he was in "Return of the Archons" Part 2. Does this mean he's able to walk again?


On page 21, Pike orders Kirk and the Enterprise on to the Nibiru system. This system will be seen in Star Trek Into Darkness.


On the last page of this issue, a man identified as John Harrison accesses the Starfleet Data Archive in London. Harrison goes on to appear as the main villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. 


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