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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Eurydice (Part 1) "Eurydice" Part 1
Star Trek #43
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art by: Tony Shasteen
Cover by: Joe Corroney
March 2015


The Enterprise finds itself stranded in the Delta Quadrant, decades away from home.


Notes from the Star Trek Chronology
This issue opens immediately after the end of "Behemoth" Part 2.


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain James T. Kirk

Lt. Hikaru Sulu

Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

Lt. Pavel Chekov

Commander Spock

Engineer Keenser

Lt. Zahra

Lt. Kai

Dr. Carol Marcus

Dr. Leonard McCoy

Lt. Nyota Uhura

Irina Galliulin

Eurydice - a salvage operator in the Delta Quadrant


Didja Notice?


Chekov determines that the Enterprise has come out of warp into the Delta Quadrant (due to events in "Behemoth" Part 2), which means it will take them decades to get back home (in the Alpha Quadrant), even at maximum warp. This is similar to the plight of the USS Voyager in the original timeline in ST: Voyager, which also found itself propelled into the Delta Quadrant and faced with a decades-long journey home (though they managed to find some shortcuts, etc. and make it back in seven years).


On page 4, the part in Lt. Zahra's hair is on the left instead of the right as seen in previous issues.


Uhura remarks that the ship's universal translator interpreted their guest's name as "Eurydice", which in Greek mythology, was a woman who died from a snakebite. This is an actual story from ancient Greek mythology.


Eurydice's ship has warp towing technology, which the Federation apparently does not have.


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