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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Eurydice (Part 2) "Eurydice" Part 2
Star Trek #44
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art by: Tony Shasteen
Cover by: Joe Corroney
April 2015


Eurydice takes the Enterprise to the Dark Market.


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain James T. Kirk

Lt. Hikaru Sulu

Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott

Lt. Pavel Chekov

Commander Spock

Lt. Zahra

Dr. Carol Marcus

Lt. Nyota Uhura


Grunthum - a dilithium dealer in the Delta Quadrant

The Syndicate - a group of alien black marketers in the Delta Quadrant


Didja Notice?


In the "Previously in Star Trek..." paragraph on the inside front cover of this issue (and next), it is erroneously stated that the Enterprise found itself adrift in the Andromeda galaxy after its encounter with the Behemoth creature. The ship was left stranded in the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy, as stated in "Eurydice" Part 1. Possibly, the story was originally written to take place in the Andromeda Galaxy and was changed to the Delta Quadrant and the statement found in this issue and next was overlooked.


In this issue and next, Eurydice has fewer "feathers" on her arms than were seen in "Eurydice" Part 1.


In this issue, we learn that Eurydice's ship is called the Spectral.


The space suited figure in the foreground of page 10, panel 2 is drawn in the likeness of Calum Johnston, owner of two Strange Adventures comic book stores in Canada.


On page 13, Kirk agrees to barter his landing party's phasers to a dilithium dealer and Spock remarks that he has deactivated the phasers' nadion injectors. Nadions are fictional artificially-generated particles produced by phasers and some other technologies of the Star Trek universe.


On page 14, panel 3, the helmeted figure in the bottom left corner is the editor of the Star Trek comic book series, Sarah Gaydos.


On page 18, panel 4, Kirk says "though". It should be "thought".


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