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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: I, Enterprise (Part 1) "I, Enterprise" Part 1
Star Trek #31
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art: Erfan Fajar
Cover by: Garry Gastonny
March 2014


The secret origin of Science Officer 0718.


Read the story summary at Memory Beta


Notes from the Star Trek Chronology


According to pages 4-5, this issue opens about two years and one month after the events of Into Darkness. That would put the Enterprise almost halfway into the 5-year mission it began shortly after that film. However, the bulk of the story is a flashback to shortly before the events of Into Darkness.


Didja Know?


The title "I, Enterprise" is likely an homage to I, Robot, the classic 1950 book by Isaac Asimov.


Didja Notice?


This issue gives the reader some background on the previously mysterious character of Science Officer 0718, seen on the bridge of the Enterprise in Into Darkness.


On page 3, Spock is seen playing his Vulcan harp for Uhura.


On page 11, Chekov is momentarily depicted with blond hair instead of his usual brown.


On page 12, Scotty tells Spock that the ship's computer is "utterly bandjaxed". "Bandjaxed" is Irish slang for "broken".


On page 15, Kirk tells the ship's computer to execute command override alpha-one, allowing him to stop the computer's present action. This is the first known use of the command override. 


On page 16, the ship's computer initiates the Enterprise's saucer separation capability. This process has previously been seen in a few episodes of ST-TNG on the Enterprise-D. The separation process and the look of the saucerless secondary hull here is very similar to that seen with the Enterprise-D.

Enterprise saucer separation Enterprise-D saucer separation
Enterprise saucer separation Enterprise-D saucer separation (screenshot from Italian Memory Alpha site)


The naked form of 0718 seen on the last page of this issue and into "I, Enterprise" Part 2 appears to have no hair, no nipples, no genitals, and little or no skin pigment. This makes a certain amount of sense considering it is a synthetic organism created in the sickbay regeneration unit. Why then does it have a naval?! The naval (umbilicus) is the connection point of the umbilical cord from the mother, supplying nutrient-rich blood to the fetus in placental mammals. Since 0718 was not born of woman, it should not have a naval at all.


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