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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Lost Apollo (Part 2) "Lost Apollo" Part 2
Star Trek #34
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Pencils: Joe Corroney
Inks: Joe Corroney, Victor Moya, and Rob Doan
Cover by: Joe Corroney
June 2014


The Enterprise makes a startling discovery about Hinrichs V.


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Didja Notice?


On page 5, Dr. McCoy remarks on attempting to treat the scratches on Kirk's face after the away team's battle against a native creature on the surface of Hinrichs V. But how could Kirk have gotten scratches on his face when he had his helmet and faceplate secured during the entire encounter?


The display screen behind Kirk on page 6, panel 4 appears to be flipped, as it reads SECT 7 mirrored. 


The cargo unit that holds the ferocious beast from Hinrichs V aboard the Enterprise is almost exactly the same as the cage used for transporting Velociraptors in the 1993 film Jurassic Park!
Cargo unit Raptor cage
Cargo unit Raptor cage from Jurassic Park


The 20th Century astronaut Captain Steve Cory reveals that the U.S. had built a top secret base on the dark side of the Moon from 1968-1972 in order to test prototype nuclear-powered propulsion systems on rockets. This is similar to some conspiracy theories that have existed for decades in the real world, that the U.S. (or other nations/groups) had built one or more secret bases on the Moon, possibly on the far side.


When Steve collapses on page 18, Kirk grabs him and shouts, "Bones, do you copy? Bones!" But he was not on a commlink at the time and he's not even holding a communicator! 


Unanswered Questions


When Cory begins to transform back into a human inside the cargo unit on the Enterprise, Spock's tricorder detects a significant change in the biological mass inside the cargo unit. So where did the all mass go? The laws of physics tell us that mass can neither be created nor destroyed. The only other alternative is for mass to be converted into energy such as heat, but no such energy is depicted.


How did Cory's lunar rocket make it light years away from Earth to crash on Hinrichs V? Even a nuclear-propelled rocket as he describes would take hundreds of years to reach even the closest extra-solar planet to Earth...and the fuel (not to mention food) would run out long before then at that! He must have passed through some kind of space warp, but it's left unexplained. 


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