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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Manifest Destiny (Part 1) "Manifest Destiny" Part 1
Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #1
Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Esther Sanz
Letters by: Andworld Design
Cover by: Angel Hernandez
April 2016


The Enterprise crosses paths with a particularly ruthless Klingon commander.


Story Summary


On the frontier of the Klingon Empire, the ruthless Commander Sho'Tokh subjugates a primitive alien culture without the oversight of the Klingon government on Kronos.


On the Enterprise, Dr. McCoy helps a crewmember couple deliver a baby girl. On the bridge, Lt. Uhura picks up a Federation distress beacon where no ships should have traveled before. The signal is traced to a planetoid and Kirk sends an away team of Sulu, Uhura, McCoy, Zahra, and Slattery to investigate. They discover an underground crystal chamber and are there ambushed by a small Klingon force. Slattery is killed and Sulu injured in the melee and the team becomes separated and trapped in different underground tunnel systems. Meanwhile, out in space, the Enterprise comes under attack from Commander Sho'Tokh's de-cloaking battleship the Chonnaq. Spock locates the enemy cruiser's forward weapons control and Kirk targets it, causing heavy damage. But the Chonnaq then disgorges a platoon of armed and spacesuited Klingon warriors towards the Enterprise.




Notes from the Star Trek chronology


There is no stardate or other notice to indicate when this mini-series takes place. I have chosen to place it in the chronology to correspond with its release date in relation to issues of the regular ST comic book series.


Characters appearing in this issue


Commander Sho'Tokh

Subcommander Divash
Dr. McCoy


Captain Kirk

Mr. Spock

Lt. Uhura

Lt. Sulu

Lt. Chekov

Lt. Zahra

Slattery (dies in this issue)

Engineer Keenser





Didja Know?


Star Trek: Manifest Destiny was a 4-issue mini-series published by IDW.


Didja Notice?


Pages 1 and 2 feature quotes from The Apocrypha of the Trials of Kahless, Second Volume. This appears to be the first mention of such a book in the Star Trek universe, but Kahless is known to be a legendary historical figure in the Klingon Empire.


On page 4, Sho'Tokh remarks that he and his men are on the frontier, "far from the sniveling politicians on Kronos." Kronos is the homeworld of the Klingons and the capital of the Klingon Empire.


On page 6, Dr. McCoy states to the nurse the "fundal height" of his pregnant patient. "Fundal height" is a medical term for the size of the uterus during fetal growth.


On page 7, the pregnant alien and her husband and child are identified as Khonodians. This appears to be the first appearance of this species, but there was mention of Khonodian Wertz Hounds in "The Rescue".


The Enterprise picks up a signal from a distress beacon on a planetoid in the Artel system. This is the first mention of the Artel system.


On page 14, Spock detects residual nadion particles beneath the planetoid's surface. Nadions are fictional artificially-generated particles produced by phasers and some other technologies of the Star Trek universe.


Commander Sho'Tokh's ship is the IKS Chonnaq, a different class of Klingon battle cruiser than we've seen previously (though similar to K't'inga class). Chonnaq is the Klingon word for "hunting spear".

IKS Chonnaq


On page 15, the Enterpise's name and registration number on the saucer section appears a bit misaligned from its normal center forward! (It also looks a bit off on page 22.)

USS Enterprise


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