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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Murder at Babel (Part 2) "Murder at Babel" Part 2
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by Megan Levens
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Andworld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
May 2017


The tension between Romulan and Federation parties at Babel comes to a head over the murder of the Romulan ambassador.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk

Ambassador Joltair (mentioned only, deceased)

Lt. Commander Sulu

Lt. Zahra


Cadet Shev Akria


Lt. Uhura

Dr. McCoy


Ambassador Sarek

Cadet Vel K'Bentayr

Cadet Lucia Gonzales

Cadet T'Laan

Cadet Grace Chen


Lt. Chekov (mentioned only)

Ambassador Kintro

Andorian ambassador (Shev's father, unnamed) 


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. IDW identified the title of the entire 2-issue storyline as "Murder at Babel" in its solicitations of the issues.


Didja Notice?


I've noticed the writer(s) like to begin the captain's logs with "supplemental" these days. Supplemental to what? The supplementals are supposed to be logs appended to an existing log we've already seen/heard that has a stardate attached. Of course, by making all logs "supplemental", they don't have to screw up the stardate as they otherwise almost always do! I don't know what is so hard about stardates...they're a set of numbers. They arrive in chronological/numerical sequence. If your story takes place after a previously stated stardate, the new stardate is simply slightly "higher" than that previous one! End rant. (Temporally yours--webmaster.)


Kirk's captain's log states that the mystery ship has taken refuge in the Lotonian Asteroid Belt. But in "Murder at Babel" Part 1, it was stated to be the Stellonian Asteroid Belt!


On page 8, Kirk identifies the mystery ship as an Altinian Marauder, Rapier-class. This appears to be the first mention of such a vessel in the ST universe.


On page 10, Dr. McCoy bribes the guard watching over Ambassador Joltair's body with a bottle of, presumably, liquor of some kind, saying it's regards from their Russian navigator. Obviously, the Russian navigator he refers to is Chekov. The liquor does not seem to be vodka as might be expected, as the liquid in the container is brown in color. Star Trek Beyond does also suggest in one scene that Chekov is fond of alcohol besides vodka, again with a bottle found by McCoy that had belonged to Chekov!


On page 11, a portion of a space ship seen in Joltair's memories appears to be similar to a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird, previously seen in the Kelvin Timeline in "Legacy of Spock" Part 2 and "Resistance is Futile".


For some reason, Spock seems to be the one in charge of the Federation delegation at Babel. Shouldn't it be someone with more seniority within the Federation government? Maybe Sarek?


On page 17, Spock refers to Pilok as "Ambassador", implying that she has become the new Romulan ambassador after the death of Joltair in "Murder at Babel" Part 1.


On page 19, Sulu's dialog in panel 4 has been given to McCoy!


Cadet Shev's relationship with his father in this two-part story is reminiscent of that between Spock and Sarek in the original series episode that inspired it, "Journey to Babel". 


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