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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: My Name is Kevin "My Name is Kevin"
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Tony Shasteen
Colors by JD Mettler
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
July 2017


Scotty returns to Yorktown to check on the construction progress of the new Enterprise.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk


Lt. Uhura


Lt. Keenser

Cadet Shev Akria
Cadet Vel K'Bentayr
Cadet Lucia Gonzales
Cadet T'Laan
Cadet Grace Chen

Commodore Paris

Grand Audarch Steve 


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. I chose the title "My Name is Kevin" as a paraphrasing of a couple lines in Kevin's narrative of the story because it reminded me of "Call me Ishmael" from Moby Dick.


Didja Notice?


    The main cover of this issue by George Caltsoudas shows Scotty looking at a digital schematic of the new Enterprise under construction. One of the readouts shows "42% COMPLETE", implying the ship is almost half done.

    Behind Scotty some other schematics appear to show the names of other ships and designs. Possibly these are also under construction at Yorktown, or they may simply be ships that are docked there at the moment. Two ship's names are seen completely, Umbra and Pioneer. A third one begins with a "D" and has a schematic outline very similar to the Defiant seen in episodes of ST: Deep Space Nine


The flashback of Captain Kirk being attacked by Teenaxians on page 1 is from Star Trek Beyond (the panel of Lt. Uhura entering the room is new).


Page 2 reveals that the Teenaxi called Kevin seen near the end of Star Trek Beyond is one of the Teenaxians who were inadvertently beamed aboard the Enterprise with Kirk when Scotty hastily beamed him up when the peace negotiation went south. This Teenaxian chose to stay at Yorktown for a while to learn more about the Federation.


Kevin states that the Enterprise construction project will take many Teenaxian centuries to complete. It is hinted in "New Frontiers" that the construction will take about 1 year. If that is the equivalent of "many" Teenaxian centuries, it may be that Teenaxians do not live long by our standards (well less than a year).


On page 5, Kevin reflects on Kirk's birthday party "months ago", where Scotty was able to drink more than anyone else present. Kirk's party was also seen in Star Trek Beyond.


Another Humanscale M8 Single Monitor Arm is seen in the last panel of page 5.


The spacesuits worn by Scotty and Kevin on page 7 have a similar (but modified) look to the one worn by Spock in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


When Kevin tells Scotty that he doesn't think his people would be pleased if he assimilated any further into Federation culture, Scotty asks him to avoid the word "assimilate", as it has negative connotations. Presumably, he is referring to Endeavour's recent encounters with the Borg beginning in "New Frontiers", although Scotty was busy teaching at Starfleet Academy during that storyline!


This issue reintroduces Commodore Paris, commander of Yorktown, who previously appeared in Star Trek Beyond.


Steve, the leader of the Teenaxi people is called Grand Audarch. The term "audarch" is probably based on the Greek word "autarch", which is a term for an absolute ruler.


Jaylah still refers to Scotty as "Montgomery Scotty".


Grand Audarch Steve refers to "stealing grmmbvn from a fmmi". This is the first mention of grmmbvn and fmmi in the ST universe. The phrase is obviously a play on the familiar English idiom "stealing candy from a baby".


Scotty and Cadet Chen rescue Kevin from the Teenaxi ship through the use of a beaming technique similar to transwarp beaming. Scotty used transwarp beaming in "The Vengeance of Nero".


On page 21, panel 1, one of the children seen on the Yorktown bridge appears to be an Andorian.


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