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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Reunion (Part 2) "Reunion" Part 2
Star Trek #54
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art by: Tony Shasteen
Colors by: Davide Mastrolonardo
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover by: Tony Shasteen
February 2016


Gaila and Kai are abducted by their mother and forced into servitude on Vondem.


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk



Captain Campbell

Lt. Chekov


Admiral Marcus (mentioned only, deceased)

Lt. Gaila

Lt. Kai



Instructor Ku (mentioned only)

Lt. Sulu

Lt. Uhura


Didja Notice?


This issue opens on stardate 2262.141. This is earlier than the stardate of "Reunion" Part 1 (2262.335)! I am convinced at this point that writer Mike Johnson messes up his stardates just to annoy me.


On page 17, Scotty tells Sulu he promised the Enterprise she'd never be underwater again. This is presumably a reference to Star Trek Into Darkness, in which the ship was hidden underwater for a time during the crew's study of the native population of the planet Nibiru.


On page 19, an Andorian crewmember is seen in the background of the Enterprise lounge.


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