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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Tholian Webs (Part 1) "The Tholian Webs" Part 1
Star Trek #46
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art by: Rachael Stott
Cover by: Joe Corroney
June 2015


The Enterprise becomes trapped in a pocket of interphase space, driving some of the crewmembers insane.


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Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk

Lt. Sulu



Mr. Spock

Lt. Chekov

Dr. McCoy

Lt. Uhura


Andorian doctor (unnamed)



Didja Know?


This story is loosely based on the episode of the original Star Trek series, "The Tholian Web".


Didja Notice?


This issue opens on stardate 2262.54.


In his captain's log, Kirk states that the ship is now close enough to re-establish contact with Starfleet and make repairs after the events of the past few weeks (seen in "Behemoth" and "Eurydice"). And at the end of the next issue, "The Tholian Webs" Part 2, Kirk's log states they have resumed course to the nearest starbase for repair and resupply. Yet, the ship was supposedly in the Delta Quadrant "decades from home" at even the ship's highest velocity at the end of "Eurydice" Part 3! How did they get back to Federation space so fast? Did another, unchronicled, adventure take place in between "Eurydice" Part 3 and this issue?


The Enterprise is ripped out of warp by a pocket of interphase. This is similar to what happened in the original series episode "The Tholian Web".


The O'Neill character appearing in this issue may be the same one who appeared in "The Galileo Seven" two-parter.


On page 10, the doctor examining McCoy in sickbay is an Andorian.


The Enterprise undergoes saucer separation in this issue. This happened previously in "I, Enterprise" Part 1.


The Tholians seem to build their webs much more quickly here than they did in the original timeline in "The Tholian Web".


The Tholian ships seen here look different from any seen in the original timeline.

Tholian ships


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