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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Academy Games "Academy Games"
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #2
Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot
Art by: Derek Charm
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Cover by: Derek Charm
January 2016


In 2258, Cadet Uhura enlists the help of Cadet Kirk to solve the mystery of Wagner-219, while in 2261, Cadet T'Laan rediscovers it.


Story Summary


In 2258, Cadet Chekov begins to get squeamish about helping Uhura dig into what appears to be classified Starfleet information about the Wagner-219 system and he bows out. Uhura then enlists the help of Kirk due to his blatant disregard for authority.


In 2261, Cadet T'Laan and her teammates in the Academy's centennial competitions perform well. As T'Laan researches for the upcoming scavenger hunt in space, she stumbles across a hidden message left by Uhura three years earlier.




Notes from the Star Trek chronology


This issue takes place in two different time periods, the year 2258, during Uhura's fourth year in Starfleet Academy and in 2261 with a previously unseen crop of cadets.


Characters appearing in this issue


Cadet Uhura

Cadet Chekov

Cadet Kirk

Cadet McCoy

Cadet Shev

"Melty" (an Arcturian)

Cadet Vel

Cadet Lucia Gonzales

Cadet Chen

Cadet T'Laan






Didja Know?


The issues of this series did not have individual issue titles. I assigned "Academy Games" as the title for this issue because I couldn't think of one better.


Didja Notice?


The opposition team member who Shev eliminates on page 4 during the marksmanship contest is an Arcturian. Shev refers to the individual as "Melty" because Arcturians have skin that looks as if it might be melting off the body.
Arcturian student Arcturian
Arcturian student Arcturian from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (from Memory Alpha)


This issue reveals that, within their own species, Monchezkins communicate electro-chemically, not vocally.


On page 6, Shev comments to his fellow Andorian Dreva, "At least I had the wejels to leave home and study off-world..." Wejels must be an Andorian word, perhaps for "balls"...notice that wejels is an anagram of "jewels".


On page 10, Uhura remarks to Kirk, "I can tell you from personal experience--no one's last words should ever go unheard." This is a reference to the death of her Uncle Raheem, as seen in a mind-meld with Spock in "The Voice of a Falling Star" (written by this mini-series' co-writer, Ryan Parrot).


On page 11, Chen pilots through a storm of archorite meteors in a simulation. I've been unable to find any relevant meaning to the term "archorite".


Lucia correctly answers a number of scholastic questions as part of the competition on page 12. They are all Trek-universe-centric questions and seem to be unrelated to any past stories as far as I can determine, with topics such as 1) the phenobian cryo-globin antidote (phenylionictriazide-23), 2) the combined number of Federation and Romulan fatalities during the battle of Tarnu (57), 3) the Klingon word for antidisestablishmentarianism (t'ok), and 4) the title of the longest of the nine thousand holographic odes written by the Yyldrian poet Sebbest-Fol ("What's the Point of Anything, Anyway?").


On pages 14-15, Ellion of Rigel introduces himself to T'Laan. Rigelians, natives of Rigel V, appeared previously in episodes of ST: Enterprise. The similarly-named Rigellians (note the extra "l") are a humanoid turtle-like species, seen briefly in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


On page 16, Uhura uses the Klingon word Hija' for "yes". This is the correct word according to The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand.


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