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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Murder at Babel (Part 1) "Murder at Babel" Part 1
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by Megan Levens
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Andworld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
April 2017


The Romulans agree to a Federation conference at Babel to hear proposals of mutual defense against another Borg attack, should it occur. But the murder of the Romulan ambassador puts a crimp in the proceedings.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue




Cadet T'Laan

Cadet Grace Chen

Cadet Shev Akria

Cadet Vel K'Bentayr

Cadet Lucia Gonzales

Captain Kirk

Andorian ambassador (Shev's father, unnamed)

Lt. Uhura



Captain Terrell

Ambassador Joltair (dies in this issue)

Pilok (not named until "Murder at Babel" Part 2)


Dr. McCoy

Lt. Commander Sulu

Lt. Darwin

Lt. Murcia

Collins (mentioned only) 


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. IDW identified the title of the entire 2-issue storyline as "Murder at Babel" in its solicitations of the issues.


"Murder at Babel" is a reference to the title of the original series episode "Journey to Babel", which has a somewhat similar storyline.


Didja Notice?


Captain Kirk proclaims to Scotty that it's good to have him "back onboard, even if it's not the Enterprise." Scotty was seen teaching at Starfleet Academy in "New Frontiers", but he has already been "back" aboard the Endeavour in the previous issue in "Hila"!


On page 1, K'Bentayr's name is misspelled as "K'Bentyr" when Kirk speaks to him. Still, it might be construed as Kirk mispronouncing the Monchezkin's name.


Also on page 1, Kirk remarks on the cadets' rescue of the U.S.S. Slayton, which "made headlines fleet-wide". This occurred in the Starfleet Academy story which began in "Crossed Signals". Though the other Academy guests aboard the Endeavour participated in this adventure, Jaylah did not, still being stranded on Altamid at the time and not yet having signed on to the Academy (see Star Trek Beyond).


On page 3, Shev's father remarks on his son's having missed the Festival of Uzaveh, in favor of remaining on Earth at Starfleet Academy. Uzaveh is an Andorian god who was mentioned in the novels ST: Enterprise: The Good That Men Do and ST: DS9: Andor - Paradigm (this is also alleged to be the Andorian god who was seen in an image presented by Sha Ka Ree in the 1989 film Star Trek: The Final Frontier).


Kirk's "supplemental" captain's log on page 4 states that the Romulans have agreed to a conference at Babel after the recent Borg incursion. The Borg incursion occurred in the 4-part story that began in "New Frontiers".


On page 6, Lucia remarks that you could cut the tension at the conference with a bat'leth. The bat'leth is the traditional Klingon sword of honor seen in stories of the Next Generation era Star Trek TV series.


The pair of aliens seen in the foreground of page 6, panel 5 are Tellarites, first seen in the original series episode "Journey to Babel". It is likely that the shorter of the two is Ambassador Kintro, revealed to be the murderer in "Murder at Babel" Part 2.


On page 15, Dr. McCoy asks the Romulan ambassador's assistant, "Are you out of your Romulan mind?" McCoy is known throughout his appearances in Star Trek for asking incredulously of Spock, "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"


On page 18, the mysterious ship that raced out of Babel drops out of warp near the Stellonian Asteroid Belt. This appears to be the first mention of this region of space in the ST universe.


On page 19, one of the guards on Shev's cell remarks to the other that "Collins is dating a Tellarite..." Could this be the same Collins (then an ensign) who appeared in The Gemini Agent?


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