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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow"
Star Trek #24
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Robert Orci
Pencils: Claudia Balboni
Inks: Marina Castelvetro
Cover by: Tim Bradstreet
August 2013


A small human mining colony on the planet Parthenon 559 suffers a seemingly unprovoked attacked by a Gorn contingent.


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Notes from the Star Trek Chronology


This story begins approximately a half-year after the end of the previous issue ("After Darkness" Part 3). Our crew is now in 2260, as indicated by the stardate 2260.115.


Didja Know?


This issue did not have a title as originally published and I chose to refer to the story as "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow" in the PopApostle chronology. When this issue was collected with others in the Star Trek Vol. 6 TPB, the title "Predatory" was assigned to it. I've decided not to amend my title as presented here because I'm pissed off that IDW could (usually) not be bothered to provide titles for one-issue stories in their original publication.


The Gorn that appear in this issue are based on their appearance as seen in the 2013 Star Trek video game (which PopApostle studied as "Gorn, But Not Forgotten"). There are also references here to events in the story of that video game.


Didja Notice?


The "Story So Far..." paragraph on the inside front cover is misleading because it sounds as if Spock is still stricken with pon farr, which was resolved in the previous issue, "After Darkness" Part 3.


Lt. Zahra is a member of the Enterprise landing party. She appeared in three previous issues and was seen in the original series episode "Operation -- Annihilate!".


On page 9, Kirk remarks on the Enterprise's previous encounter with the Gorn, when the reptilian aliens entered the Milky Way galaxy through a rip in space-time cause by the Helios device. On page 10, Chekov comments on the Gorn having boarded the Enterprise. These events occurred in  "Gorn, But Not Forgotten".


On page 10, Kirk tells Spock he's confining him to the safety of the ship for the foreseeable future, seeing as how the first officer was almost lost recently, first in a volcano, then in a boxing match with Khan in the sky over San Francisco, and then to pon farr. The first two events took place in Into Darkness, the third in the 3-part After Darkness story.


The Orion officer, Lt. Kai, appears again here after being introduced in "After Darkness" Part 1.


Crewman Wilson is attacked by a Gorn on page 13. It's possible this Wilson is the alternate timeline counterpart of the crewman named Wilson who appeared in two original series episodes, "The Enemy Within" and "Charlie X".


Spock's argument that the Gorn colony was defending itself from human aggressors here is not dissimilar from Kirk's musings in the original series episode "Arena" in which the Gorn were first seen in the original timeline. 


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