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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Manifest Destiny (Part 3) "Manifest Destiny" Part 3
Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #3
Written by: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot
Art by: Angel Hernandez
Colors by: Adam Guzowski and Mark Roberts
Letters by: Andworld Design
Cover by: Angel Hernandez
May 2016


The battle for the Enterprise continues!


Story Summary


Kirk finds himself outsmarted by Commander Sho'Tokh, but Spock and the crewmembers he rescued are still free and still in play. Meanwhile, Divash's Starfleet prisoners led by Uhura agree to help her take Sho'Tokh's command from him.




Characters appearing in this issue


Dr. McCoy

Subcommander Divash

Lt. Uhura

Lt. Zahra

Captain Kirk

Mr. Spock

Commander Sho'Tokh



Science Officer 0718

Lt. Chekov

Lt. Sulu


Lt. Kai (dies in this issue)

Lt. Gaila (mentioned only)



Didja Know?


Star Trek: Manifest Destiny was a 4-issue mini-series published by IDW.



Didja Notice?


The "Previously in Star Trek..." paragraph on the inside front cover of this issue is the same one that appeared in the previous issue, not updated to reflect the current state of the story at the end of that issue.


On page 3, the same alien couple and their baby whom we saw in "Manifest Destiny" Part 1 are seen huddled in hiding from the Klingons in the primary hull of the Enterprise.


On page 8, the Klingon doctor, Ow'Rik, uses a twelba spine to seal Sulu's wound and prevent infection. This appears to be the first reference to twelba in the ST universe.


On page 9, Divash's speech about the Chonnaq's mission in space sounds like a Klingon version of the Star Trek "Space, the final frontier..." preamble: "...sent deep into unconquered space to find new worlds to harvest, new civilizations to battle for the glory of the Empire."


On page 10, Scotty tells Kirk they should secure the battle bridge in the secondary hull. The concept of a battle bridge on Starfleet vessels was introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation, mainly for use when the captain deemed it necessary to separate the saucer section from the rest of the ship, either due to damage or to protect the civilian families aboard during space combat. The cover of Star Trek #19 ("Too Smart for Your Own Good") features a mini-schematic of the Enterprise which labels the battle bridge located on the central strut of the secondary hull.


Spock uses the Jefferies tubes to make his way to rescue the alien family in the primary hull. Jefferies tubes are small service access tunnels on Starfleet ships and space stations; they are named for Matt Jefferies, production designer of the original Star Trek TV series.


On page 13, Kirk apologizes to Lt. Kai for the time he took advantage of his relationship with Kai's sister, Gaila, to beat the Kobayashi Maru. This is, of course, a reference to Kirk's beating the no-win scenario of the Kobayashi Maru simulation at Starfleet Academy in "The Vengeance of Nero".


On page 17, Sho'Tokh admits to his subordinate that their troops are "guk'tagh to the slaughter" in their assault against the Starfleet personnel resisting them in the engineering section. The phrase is similar to the English idiom "lambs to the slaughter". This appears to be the first use of the word guk'tagh in ST; presumably it is some kind of Klingon animal.


When Divash challenges Grelm's command, he strikes her and says, "Petaq baktag!" Both words appear to be epithets or insults; both appeared in the eBook of the Star Trek: Mere Anarchy series, The Blood Dimmed Tide by Howard Weinstein.


On page 21, Lt. Kai's blood is depicted as purple in color when he is struck down by a Klingon bat'leth sword. This is the first instance of Orion blood depicted that way, as far as I can find. In past stories in the ST universe, Orion blood has been depicted as green or orange.


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