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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: The Khitomer Conflict (Part 2) "The Khitomer Conflict" Part 2
Star Trek #26
Written by: Mike Johnson
Story Consultant: Roberto Orci
Art: Erfan Fajar
Cover by: Erfan Fajar
October 2013


Commander Kor takes Kirk and his landing party prisoner and returns them to Kronos.


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Didja Notice?


On page 5, after an argument with Spock on the bridge about whether to retreat or fight the Klingons to rescue Kirk and the others, McCoy stalks off saying, "Never trust a Klingon! Or a Vulcan, for that matter!" In Into Darkness, Kirk says the same thing about Vulcans after he feels that Spock betrayed him to Starfleet in his report on the Nibiru incident. Ironically, on page 8, Kirk states to Commander Kor about Spock, "...I trust that Vulcan..."


From this story, it seems that neither the Romulan nor Klingon empires have achieved cloaking technology at this point, though Section 31 has.


A previously unseen type of Section 31 warship is seen on page 10.

Sector 31 ships


On page 13, Kor asks Kirk the whereabouts of Khan, who previously violated Klingon space in Into Darkness. Perhaps the interest of the Klingons in Khan is laying the groundwork for a follow-up story which will involve Khan being released from suspended animation once again.


On page 15, Uhura tells Spock that the Klingon word for "patience" shares the same etymology as "weakness". According to the Klingon Dictionary (2nd edition) by Mark Okrand, the verb "to be weak" is puj, but the word "to be patient" is tuv.


The translated Klingonese presented in this issue is largely accurate based on the official Klingon language developed by the linguist Marc Okrand for Paramount. 


Lt. Zahra appears once again in this issue, last seen in "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow". Yet, she seems to be becoming more and more Caucasian with each appearance! She was a black woman in "Operation Annihilate" and "Vulcan's Vengeance", somewhat lighter skin-toned in "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow", and now appears to be white, with platinum blond hair!
Zahra-TOS Zahra 1 Zahra 3 Lt. Zahra 4
Original Yeoman Zahra from ST-TOS episode "Operation -- Annihilate!" Yeoman Zahra from "Operation Annihilate" Part 1 Lt. Zahra from "Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow" Lt. Zahra in this issue


Lt. Zahra tells a Klingon guard, "Your mother mates with unclean Ferengi!" This is odd in that, at least in the original timeline, the Federation did not officially make contact with the Ferengi until 2364, more than a century after this story takes place!


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